Travel throughout the Bahamian archipelago to Andros, Bahamas, the largest Island in the Chain of Islands, to the tongue of the ocean and to the second largest barrier reef in the world. Go deep into it’s world famous forests to one of its mysterious ‘Blue Holes’, that have been featured in National Geographics and also on the Discovery Channel’s well known show, “Naked and Afraid”. These Blue Holes have baffled scientists for years as to their origins: are these perfectly rounded bottomless Blue Holes a natural occurrence or are they the effect of some extraterrestrial visitation? You decide… all with the help of Hidden Beaches Bahamas. Come, be the first of your friends to explore, these underwater caverns that both frighten Natives and intrigue the few, brave travelers to these hidden shores.

Go, land or sea crabbing, dive with Pods of Pilot Whales, pulse-racing Sharks, families of Dolphins, explore colorful reefs that are the home of exotic fish, with the variety of species so numerous and unique, they cannot even be found in world famous aquariums. 




Things you may see on your way to Andros!

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Hidden Beaches Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas

Telephone: 1-754-216-4832 or 1-242-376-9100


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